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  • Jolida customers have requested remote controls on the amplifiers and we responded. For years, Jolida has experimented and tried to fulfill the requests. The basic problem was simple, one of physics and cost. To put in an inexpensive remote control system in the amplifier would compromise the sound quality.
About Jolida. At Jolida we strive to provide our customers with premium vacuum tube home electronics for every sound stage. We stand by all of our products, striving to give you the optimal sound stage environment with quality tube amplification products. 21310 Ridgecroft Drive Brookeville, MD 20833 (301) 953-2014 [email protected]

Jun 7, 2012 - Jolida, Fusion Monoblock Tube Power Amplifier

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  • So my top contender to replace it is the Jolida Fusion DAC/PRE Bluetooth. It has two 12ax7s in the preamp and of course digital inputs and has an extra output for subwoofer and remote - everything I want on paper. Jolida also sells a Fusion preamp that is all analog and has 4 12ax7s.
  • FOR SALE: Jolida Black Ice Audio Fusion F35 Tube Integrated Audiophile Amplifier w/ Remote Brand new and seale: Tube Integrated Amplifiers: $1799.00: FL Mar 02, 2020: 11 : FOR SALE: Trigon 12AX7 Quad Set: Vacuum Tubes - Valves: $135.00: CA Feb 27, 2020: 12 : FOR SALE: Jolida JD302B EL34 tube amp: Tube Amplifiers: $525.00: CT Jan 20, 2020
  • To find out what other people are saying about their Jolida preamps and amps, replacement tubes, Jolida amplifier and preamp/linestage parts, and other Jolida topics, look at these excellent resources: the Jolida Corporate site, Stereophile, and Audiogon Forum.

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    Beautiful styling and musical amplifier at a bargain price. This is a tried and true Jolida design that is perfect for home audio use. Uses the sweet and powerful sounding EL34 output tubes and produces 40 watts of power per channel.

    Jolida Black - $1999.00 Jolida Black Ice Audio F360 Preampandsound Stage Expander, Design By Jim Fosgate, Black Ice - $1999.00 Black Ice Audio F360 Preamp With Sound Stage Expander- New Ibanez Az242f - $1996.88 Ibanez Az242f Black Ice Guitar Onj212

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    Oct 11, 2020 · Willsenton R8 is an integrated Amplifier, it is a Power Amplifier too (there is a group Power amp input), it is a Headphones amp too. Triode and ultra-linear selection are available which can be switched by the button on the amplifier; With a remote control,Vacuum tube protective cover,Fuse and an English manual. See User Reviews And Ratings On ...

    Beaucoup de gens préfèrent ce soit-disant « son chaud du tube ». La photo montre Jolida Glass FX 10 - Amplificateur à tube intégré complet et compact avec des tubes électroniques de fabrication russe EL84 (6П14П) et 12AX7 (6Н2П)

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    0% financing - 6 month or 1-2-3 years. Same as cash! Call USA Tube Audio at 1-800-676-1085 x2 for details.

    Anderson Audio Gallery. 468 likes. Petery-Hedden Audio Gallery selling Jolida Audio Equipment and Klipsch speakers- Jolida Fusion 3502S tube amp and Klipsch Cornwall III speakers- great.

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    The Presys+ Onboard Preamp System is designed to offer maximum control, performance and quality in a small, unobtrusive format. Prefix Plus-T The Prefix Plus-T features ultra-quiet electronics and Volume, Bass, Treble and semi-parametric Contour controls.

    Fusion Preamplifier. Fusion DAC Pre . JD 5T. JD 9 II Phono Preamp . JD 1000 P. Fusion 3502P. JD 1501 P. NEWS AND UPDATES. Jolida Foz SSX review. What if I told you your listening space was made out of a. ... At Jolida we strive to provide our customers with premium vacuum tube home electronics for every sound stage. We stand by all of our ...

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    Jolida Audio - Fusion DAC Pre - Active Tube Preamplifier with a full DAC and Bluetooth in Silver Features and Description: Product Description. The Fusion is a two tube remote controlled preamp...

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    Jolida Preamps: Fusion preamplifier, Fusion DAC preamp, JD 9 II Phono Preamp, vacuum tube preamplifier. Deja Vu Audio 703.734.9391 New address: 8450B Tyco Road, Vienna, Va 22182

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    Feb 19, 2020 · Jolida/Black Ice Audio Fusion F159 Overview. ... So not trolling ... the Fusion F159 is a tube based phono preamp? Neat! hjames, Nov 27, 2019 #2. Fishead Super Member.

    Tubes W/el34 Jolida 3502 Tube Fusion Ice Integrated Amp Black Jolida Black Ice . See Price. Jolida Black Ice Audio F11 El84 Integrated Tube Amplifier Jolida Black.

Oct 20, 2011 · The United Home Audio room at RMAF featured Von Schweikert speakers driven by Jolida electronics, this time the Von Schweikert VR5 Anniversary Mk.2s ($30,000/pair), Jolida Fusion preamp and Fusion 200W tube monoblocks ($6000/all three). But my eye was drawn to the UHA Phase 9 tape deck, which was playing some Series 3 releases from The Tape Project, specifically Nat Adderley and his band ...
Precision Power is proud to present the boldest generation of amplifiers, Black ICE. Over compensated high headroom power supplies are capable of producing more than conventional power gain.
His gear includes an Oppo BDP-105 Blu-Ray player, Jolida Glass FX tube DAC, Marantz AV 8801 pre/pro, Marantz MM 8077 multi-channel amplifier, Sony 1080p VPLVW60 Projector, and Stewart Filmscreen 130 Reference Screen.
Jolida . Special sales on new and pre-owned Jolida gear, hi-res photos, questions and answers, show sightings, links to reviews and videos ... Fusion (Pre) $1,295.00 ...